Kakuma Refugee Camp is located on the very hot, very dry, desolate plains of northwest Kenya, where the average temperature is 40 degrees Celsius/ 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It was set up in 1992 by the UN Refugee Agency and the Kenyan government, to house the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” thousands of unaccompanied minors who had walked long distances, fleeing the Sudanese civil war. The population has since grown to over 185,000, with refugees from all over Central and East Africa.

As we develop this website further, we will be writing more on this page about Kakuma Refugee Camp, and what it is like to live here. If you are interested, you can find information about Kakuma Camp at several online sites, including the official site of the UN Refugee Agency. You can find voices of refugees at the Kakuma News Reflector, KANERE,  an independent, English-language news magazine produced by Ethiopian, Congolese, Ugandan, Rwandan, Somali, Sudanese, and Kenyan journalists at Kakuma Camp.


Overcoming Devastation and Opening Doors