Project Description

Child Play Therapy & Schooling

This web page is in development, and we will be writing here about the ways to date we have worked with children, in sports activities and in helping them learn and perform some traditional cultural ceremonies.

We will also periodically update this page with news about our plans to supplement the current school system at Kakuma with ODWEP community-based schools, based on a needs assessment survey we conducted. (Currently, in Kakuma, some school classes have 150-200 students, and even with these class sizes, there are not nearly enough schools for all the children.) The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) are overwhelmed and they recognize that they cannot possibly meet all the needs. Our schools will employ refugees as teachers and administrators, following the ODWEP community-based approach, and this will have the added advantage of bringing meaning to many adult refugee lives.

We are in conversation with UN officials, and UNICEF will provide basic learning kits (pen, paper, etc.), and can help with the legal documentation needed to register our pre-school and primary schools – but that is only the beginning of what we will require.

Funding and Volunteer Needs for Child Play Therapy
• Do you have experience with child play therapy or arts education, and would you be willing to come as a volunteer to Kakuma? This is one area where we could certainly use some in-person help! Please see the Ways to Join Us page.
• Do you have simple arts supplies that you could donate and send – for example, crayons and paper, that is, supplies that would require minimal teaching for their use? If so, see How to Contact Us on the Ways to Join Us page.
• With funds we could: establish a youth center at Kakuma, for sports and arts education, and begin to furnish it with equipment and materials. We would also like to have a library for our youth at this center.

Funding Needs for the School Project

  • We need to build classrooms and buy furniture.
  • We need to buy textbooks.
  • We need funds to pay our teachers, at least a stipend.
  • We need funds to help the neediest children with their school fees. (Even refugee children in Kenya have to pay fees to go to school.)


Overcoming Devastation and Opening Doors