Through our years of work, many people have told us how much they benefited from ODWEP programs, but we never kept a written record of these testimonies; we have only begun to do that now (January 2018).

We begin here with Mama Deba, from a village in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She gave us permission to use her picture and tell her story.

Mama Deba’s Story

Mama Deba’s Story What happens when your normal, routine life suddenly gets ruptured, torn to shreds? How do you pick up the pieces, how do you find the strength to go on? Mama Deba’s story, like the story of millions of Congolese women in these past two decades and more, is a story that holds war, death, rape, determination, and survival. We are proud that ODWEP was able to offer life-saving support to this

Tuta’s story

Tuta’s story The story of Tuta Chudir and her family is a story that contains much tragedy – but stories like these are not uncommon at Kakuma Refugee Camp. This story and this family was brought to our attention, and through ODWEP's Emergency Fund we have been able to help, but more help is needed. Imagine that you are a teenage girl, the oldest of eight children,


Overcoming Devastation and Opening Doors